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The Technical Analysis Behind BRC-20 Ordinals Protocol and the Implications on Bitcoin Network
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IDEG differentiates itself via comprehensive products and customizable digital asset services
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Investment Advisory
  • Introduce diversified strategies covering multiple assets
  • Design for clients with different risk appetites
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  • Specialize in customizable client-centric services
  • Rely on automatic and systematic trading execution
  • Provide clients with a one-stop trading platform
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We provide professional management services with sophisticated systems, cutting-edge research and institutional-grade risk management framework to accommodate investors' appetite for digital assets.
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Prime brokerage system and advanced trading platforms to ensure real-time and safe execution 24/7 for managed portfolios
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In depth research reports to identify new investment opportunities within the envolving crypto market
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Disciplined governance and compliance practices in place to deliver consistent returns with controlled risk
‘Green ETH’ narrative to drive investment and adoption, say pundits
Sep 16, 2022
Post-Merge Ethereum has now detached itself from the “crypto mining is bad for the environment” narrative, following its transition to proof-of-stake.
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